Defeated Bulldogs Return Home

3/23/2008 Fresno The team returned exhausted from playing Baylor. A team seeded third while Fresno State held the 14th position.

Senior Tierre Wilson said even though they were underdogs it was a priceless experience and pushed them to the limit. "It's tough. My body is hurting. I am not going to lie. The big 12... They bang. And the refs, they don't call everything so it's more... You got to be right."

Coach Adrian Wiggins said a few Fresno fans made it to the tournament. He hopes the fact they went to New Mexico will boost recruiting next year.

"Our players are very proud. We have two senior leaders that they are very proud of. We left the arena knowing we have our best effort and we had the best season ever and we're very proud of that," says Coach Wiggins.

Wiggins said he's already thinking about the upcoming season. He will use the momentum to take a good team and make it great.

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