Floodwaters Move Downstream

Chicago, IL The rain may have stopped but the aftermath is devastating. This weekend residents across the Midwest faced what was left of their homes and businesses. "It's absolutely miserable to tell you the truth but you have to deal with it, you have to save your home," said flood victim Janet Hustermann.

Many homes didn't make it. Floodwaters in Arkansas ripped homes right off their foundations.

Thanks to hundreds of volunteers, several high-risk areas were saved from total destruction. But a sense of helplessness, and horror, at the mess left behind remains.

The governor in Arkansas declared 35 counties disaster areas. Water poured into that state from southeastern Missouri. The pressure caused two spots along the Black River to burst.

Officials are warning residents to be ready for high water where they might not expect it. The floods are being blamed for at least 17 deaths across the region.

Monday morning the mayor of just one of the many small, struggling towns in Arkansas said they are in recovery mode but flooding damage will cost many thousands. Statewide, the cleanup estimate is at $2-million dollars; but that number is expected to rise.

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