American Airlines Cancelled 200 Flights

3/26/2008 Washington D.C. It is bad news for thousands of travelers. American Airlines has cancelled roughly 200 flights.

The nation's biggest airline is voluntarily grounding all of its 300 MD-80's, to re-inspect of some of the aircrafts' wiring.

The airline says that during an audit with the FAA, inspectors raised questions about wiring in the planes' wheel well.

In a statement, the company says the re-inspection, is "to make sure the wiring is installed and secured exactly according to the directive."

"I appreciate the fact that they're doing their job, but I'd rather have them do it before my flight," said stranded traveler David Schlomer. The Schlomers can't get on a flight until Thursday. The family of six is trying to figure out how to fill the next 24 hours. "The kids are going crazy, they want to know what's going on, it's a headache!" said Michelle Schlomer.

After Southwest was fined a record $10.2-million dollars for alleged inspection lapses, the FAA is now auditing maintenance records at all domestic airlines.

While passengers may be frustrated now, aviation experts say this means the safety system is working.

The airline said the inspection process can take several hours per plane. They plan to put the aircraft back into service on a rotating system throughout the day.

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