Navy Opposes New Homes near Base

3/25/2008 Lemoore, CA Monday evening, two Navy fighter jets made a pass over an area proposed for development. It's a few miles west of the sprawling base. The Navy was trying to show members of the Lemoore Planning Commission how noisy it would be for residents living under the base's flight path.

The commission is trying to decide whether to recommend allowing residential development, over the Navy's objections. "This is not a battle between the Navy or the developers or the property owners on the west side. I truly believe what we are doing is trying to make the best decision for that land use," said Planning Commission Chairperson Kim Moss.

Lemoore Naval Air Station Commanding Officer Ronald Townsend said, "The Navy's position is to try to protect the investment the taxpayers have made, we've invested billions of dollars to build one of the most strategically important bases in the country."

The Planning Commission will continue considering the proposal to allow development to move closer to the base at a meeting on April 14th.

The commission is expected to make a recommendation to the Lemoore City Council which will have final say over the plans.

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