Vehicle slams into Burbank post office

BURBANK The crash occurred just before noon at the post office on North Hollywood Way near Burbank Airport.

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According to Burbank police, the 88-year-old driver of a Ford Taurus drove right through the front of the post office branch.

According to authorities the driver said that the strap of her shoe got caught on the accelerator.

The crash caused extensive damage to the lobby area. One customer and a post office employee were both injured. The driver suffered some injuries as well.

"The driver has minor injuries. She took out one of the employees who was working the counter and a client that was in line. The client got transported with minor injuries and the other two didn't. They have minor injuries at this point, nothing serious fortunately. It was just prior to the lunch hour so it wasn't a big crowd, " said Jorge Martinez, Burbank Fire Department.

According to a U.S. Postal Service spokesperson, the lobby of the post office will remained closed Monday and most likely thru Tuesday afternoon. The automated part of the post office will remain open.


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