Juvenile Accepts Responsibility for Deadly Crash

Fresno, CA The Amezcua family had to relive the deadly accident that happened at the intersection of Ashlan and West in December 2007. German and Jessi Amezcua never wanted vengeance for the death of their son Sebastian. The father German said. "There's nothing that's going to bring my son back. That's what I want."

The couple sat in court at Fresno County Juvenile Court as a judge questioned the 15-year-old boy accused of causing the deadly crash. Action News is not revealing his identity because he's a minor. The boy said, "yes" he caused the horrible accident that killed Sebastian. The crash sent the Amezcua family's vehicle into a dry canal. Sebastian's brother 6-year-old Emanuel and mother Jessi suffered major injuries in that crash. Both have made remarkable recoveries.

The defendant faces up to seven years in custody, but the defense attorney Eric Schweitzer sentence expects a shorter sentence. Schweitzer said, "We are anticipating some local form of treatment."

The Amezcua family supports the plea deal they hope will give them closure. German Amazcua said, "We're glad to hear him to admit to take responsibility for his actions. That's very important for anybody."

The juvenile will be sentenced in mid April. His mother left the court house today without making a comment.

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