Attorneys for Stacy Johnson-Klein Awarded $2.5 Million

Fresno Last December, a jury ruled the former coach was the victim of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Though attorneys for the university didn't fight the judge's latest ruling, they aren't planning on paying the former coach or her attorneys anytime soon. The case is currently in the appeals process, and they said Tuesday they are still interested in settling.

Susan Westover, a CSU Attorney told Action News, "We have some feelers out to Mr. Paboojian to engage in mediation. He initially indicated interest in mediating and then he pulled back a little bit. So we'd like to try to spur some additional interest on their side."

Stacy Johnson-Klein's attorney, Warren Paboojian, countered that Fresno State doesn't have a true intent in settling. "They've never made any effort to even offer me something. Fresno State's interested in settling it, offer us some money. But right now we're not interested in bidding against ourselves with a university that has its head stuck into the sand, " Paboojian said, referring to the stalled mediation process.

State Senator Dean Florez, a vocal critic of Fresno State University's President, Dr. John Welty, issued a statement Tuesday about the judge's latest ruling. He once again expressed his frustrations that the case wasn't settled from the beginning.

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