Delta Airlines Grounds Planes

3/27/2008 Thursday, Delta will follow American Airlines and pull planes for inspections.

Expect to see more of this at airports throughout the country: flight boards saying "canceled" or "delayed."

On Wednesday, problems with wiring led American Airlines to ground nearly 300 of its MD80 aircraft. The inspections found slight problems with how bundles of wiring had been installed on 80 jets.

Thursday, Delta will be checking the same wiring on at least 133 planes. This all started earlier in the month when Southwest Airlines was slapped with a record $10-million dollar fine for flying 60,000 flights without required inspections. The F.A.A. came under fire for not grounding the planes.

Now all domestic airlines are checking their maintenance records. Aviation experts say these measures show the safety system is working. "These are safety inspections done so far in advance of there being anything critical; it is the safety system working as it should, not un-safe airplanes being pulled off the line," said ABC News Aviation Consultant John Nance.

Knowing that there are some safety concerns has these passengers nervous.

The inspections continue at American and Delta which could mean delays or cancelations. Call or check the websites before you go to the airport.

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