Clinton Wins Pennsylvania Primary

There was a celebration at Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters in Philadelphia Tuesday night as Clinton defeated rival Barack Obama by about 10-points. The New York Senator thanked the voters who might have saved her campaign.

Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania round of the democratic presidential race. She proved she may have been down, but not out. "I might stumble and get knocked down, but as long as you will stand with me I will always get right back up," said Clinton.

She and rival Barack Obama took hits from their negative campaigning. Still, Clinton won crucial groups like working class whites. She won women by 14 points and late deciders by 16 points.

The Pennsylvania win keeps her as a contender for the democratic nomination. But there are problems. The former first lady has to catch up in the popular vote and delegate count.

She raised nearly $2.5 million dollars last night. But with Obama outspending her here in TV ads alone two to one, her campaign is in debt. "She pulls out that ten point win. But at this point Barack Obama is still the frontrunner. She still needs a game changing moment to really project herself forward over the next couple weeks," ABC Deputy Political Director Karen Travers.

Obama called Clinton to congratulate her on winning. But his call came from Indiana, a sign that he may have lost Pennsylvania, but he's already focused on the next round. "Millions of Americans who believe we can do better - that we must do better - have put us in that position to bring about real change. Now it's up to you, Indiana," said Obama.

The Democratic contest and negative campaigning slogs ahead. Analysts say the 1 person who's benefitting, could be presumed Republican nominee John McCain.

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