Hollywood Auction


The auction includes memorable props such as the "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs and the costume Mike Myers wore in "Austin Powers: Goldmember."

That suit could go for an estimated six-to eight-thousand dollars. One of the most noteworthy pieces is a giant poster from 1933's "King Kong." it was shipped to Europe and apparently never used. The auction is run by the memorabilia company "profiles in history".

Joe Maddalena, Profiles in History C.E.O.: "We're uniquely situated. We're here in Los Angeles, and I've been doing this 22 years so if you have anything like this you sell it to us, and we sell it for you, if you have a Van Gogh, you go to Christies. If you have a Jurassic Park Spinosaur, or a Stegosaurus or something, you come to me."

The auction begins Thursday. A portion of the proceeds got to UNICEF.


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