Cesar Chavez Holiday

3/27/2008 Fresno, CA Now, there's a push to get the rest of the country to also honor the man.

Chavez would have been 81-years-old next Monday. He's honored here in California with a state holiday. But some people want Cesar Chavez day to be a national holiday.

They kicked off their campaign yesterday. They say the day is designed not only to recognize Chavez, but to encourage communities to make March 31st a day of service. "Cesar Chavez reminds us that si se pueda means you can create a miracle," said Musician Carlos Santana.

But others believe there's no need for a national holiday in his name. "No, I don't think so. If we have a national holiday someone who contributed to the whole United States benefited from the action," said Gilbert Guitierrez.

Several other states already recognize Cesar Chavez day. As for a national holiday, supporters may have a tough time since there's a rule in Congress that says no bill declaring a national holiday can be introduced.

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