Battle intensifies over SF torch run

The battle has just intensified over the upcoming Olympic torch run in San Francisco.

Critics of China's latest crackdown in Tibet are backing supervisor Chris Daly, who on Thursday, managed to move forward a resolution that would make a statement against china's human rights record. Supervisor

Chris Daly wants San Franciscans to greet the Olympic torch, which will pass through the city on April 9th with alarm and protests. At the same time, he is welcoming he human rights torch and the Tibetan freedom torch with open arms.

Daly reintroduced a resolution on Thursday morning and it passed the Rules Committee and will now go on to the full board. A previous resolution failed.

San Francisco is the only U.S. city that the Olympic torch will pass through and when it does, thousands of protesters will be out in the streets.

The protestors are speaking out against the human rights abuses by the Chinese government. They say they don't want the sign of the Olympics torch to gloss over what is really happening.

"Just because we have a very large Chinese population in San Francisco does not mean that we in San Francisco support the actions and abuses committed by the Chinese government or the People's Republic of China," said San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom says he respects the rights of the protestors, but he says he is honored to welcome the Olympic torch to San Francisco.

The human rights torch will pass through San Francisco on April 5th.

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