Ramadan Abdullah's Murder Trial

Fresno The murder weapon was one of eight guns inside the home that prosecutors say Ramadan Abdullah broke into and rummaged through before shooting lying in wait and shooting Deputy Eric Telen in the head.

"The second expended round, is a double op buck. This is the round that killed Eric."

One by one detective Mark Chapman showed the jury what investigators collected at the foothill home where Deputy Erik Telen was killed.

Mark Chapman, Fresno County Sheriff's Dept.: "The tip of the blade is here between my left thumb and index finger."

Chapman testified as least one gun and one bullet came back from the crime lab tied to the suspect.

"It's the Colt 357 Magnum handgun and the right index finger of Mr. Abdullah was found on the right hand side of the frame of that firearm."

For the first time the jury saw the large shotgun investigators believe Abdullah used to kill Telen. Chapman demonstrated how the high powered gun is used.

"You can load one here and how ever many this magazine tube will hold."

Ramadan Abdullah's mother did not want to comment outside court. She flew in from New York to watch her son's trial.

Telen's widow watched much of courtroom proceedings. There was not any graphic testimony just a showing of what was inside the home where Abdullah was found.

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