Eddie Scott Took the Stand

Fresno Answering yes ma' am and no ma'am Eddie Scott finally got his day in court telling a jury his version of what happened to an 11-year old girl inside a Fresno apartment back in July of 06'.

In court the former Reedley football player pointed the finger at the key witness for the prosecution Mackey Davis.

Earler this week, Davis testified that he not only saw but recorded Scott involved in a sex act with the young victim. But on the stand Thursday, Scott testified that "he" was playing a video game while Davis and several other football players took turns having sexual relations with the young runaway.

Scott also told the jury quote she looked in her 17 to 18's. But Mr. Mackey Davis was telling everyone she was of age. End quote as more time passed that night, Scott claimed he repeatedly told Davis they needed to get the girl out of the apartment. Testifying that quote I was concerned. I spoke to Mackey because there was a lot of people running in and out.

An expert witness for the defense also testified that none of victim's DNA was found on Scott's body or clothing. Scott, the final witness for the defense, returns to the witness stand next week.

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