Teen Hurt Playing "Chicken" on Railroad Tracks

Fresno The incident occurred near Santa Fe and Palo Alto in Northwest Fresno.

Fresno police say the boy and two friends, all about 15 years old, were playing "Chicken" a game in which each boy was trying to be the last to jump out of the way of the locomotive.

Marie Robertson was driving home from work along Santa Fe Drive when she saw the boys. "I thought they were running alongside the train." She said. "The next thing I know one boy was in front of it, I just saw a white shirt and blonde hair go flying through the air."

Police say the injured boy suffered cuts and abrasions to the left side of his body. He is being treated at Community Regional Medical Center. Police say his condition is not available.

Fresno Police Sgt. Randy Cancio says games of "Chicken" along these tracks are not uncommon.

Marie Robertson still can't believe the boys would do something like this. "They're all intelligent boys from good families." She adds, "I can't believe they would run in front of a train."

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