Central Valley Blood Shortage

March 28, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
A recent jump in traumatic accidents has led to a critical blood shortage at the Central California Blood Center.The Blood Center is putting out an urgent call for more blood donors. They're dangerously low on "O-Negative" blood. It's considered the "universal blood type" and is used in emergency situations, such as car accidents.

Friday morning only 9 units of O-Negative remained on the shelves to supply 31 valley hospitals. "When I look at those shelves, I think the people of the Central Valley always respond when we need them. But it's something that you can't rely on somebody else doing the job," said Dean Eller with the Central California Blood Center.

Blood Center officials say donations have recently slowed and it'll take several days of heavy donations to return to normal levels.

They're asking donors to donate today or tomorrow.