List shows schools given recalled beef


The list confirms that the meat was sent to Santa Clara, San Jose and Palo Alto school districts.

The Vallejo District last month was one of the only districts that made a public announcement that they had received the meat. They made a public display of destroying it.

This was the first time a list has quantified how many districts received the meat. The USDA released this list under a lot of pressure. They were referring to the largest beef recall in the nation's history.

The recall was put in place after video was released from a slaughter house in California showing sick cows were abused at the slaughter house. The slaughter house served the school lunch programs across the country - which provides meals for low income kids.

No one has gotten sick from this meat and nobody has come forward to say they did.

Investigations into the recall are numerous. The USDA is on top of it and California is trying to nail down which schools got a hold of the meat and how many kids did eat it. The state is also trying to make sure the schools get reimbursed for meat and the cost of destroying it. Vallejo was pouring bleach all over it. The schools were told to make sure it wasn't edible and they had to all take it to landfills.

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