Bill Clinton visits San Jose on Sunday

3/30/2008 SAN JOSE, CA Bill Clinton is hoping his appearance can help his wife win the presidential nomination.

"Chill out! We're going to win this election, if we just chill out!"

That was Bill Clinton's advice to California Democrats who have heard the notion put forth by Barack Obama supporters that his wife is weakening the party by staying in the race. He says vigorous debate is a good thing.

"We can win this election if we just let the thing play out. Stay together, join hands, and send a clear signal to America, we want to change the future of this country," says Clinton.

Just like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama didn't attend California's Democratic convention either. But widely regarded San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris beat the drum for her close friend from Illinois.

Kamala Harris, Obama Campaign, says "Barack Obama will be a President who finally ends the era of fear that has been used to divide and demoralize our country."

Both the Clinton and Obama camps used this convention to woo uncommitted super-delegates, who will likely put one candidate over the top to win the deadlocked race for the Democratic nomination.

Obama is behind by many counts with 13 in California, while Clinton is ahead with 29. About 21 are uncommitted.

President Clinton met privately with super-delegates who don't have to commit until the national convention in Denver this summer.

Chris Stampolis, Super-delegate, says "We know already that neither candidates can get a majority of votes to win it on their own. They're going to need the super-delegates one way or the other."

Despite the private meeting with President Clinton, some super-delegates just aren't in a hurry to commit. Steve Ybarra wants to see which candidate will commit millions of dollars to turnout the Latino vote and he's willing to withhold his vote until somebody can show him the money.

"I am happy to abstain ... more than happy to abstain until I hear the commitment on the dollars for our community. If they're not going to commit to use, loyalty is a two-way street," says Ybarra, Super-delegate.

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