Police Arrest Six Connected To Bulldog Gang

March 30, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
After neighbors got up in arms, Fresno police moved in on a suspected drug house in the Calwa area, and arrested six people they say are tied to the Bulldog gang.Police say the group was operating a drug operation out of a house in the neighborhood.

The gang's headquarters are just a block away from Calwa elementary school and that's what got neighbors really mad.

Gail Davis, neighbor, says "It's shocking to me, but really there shouldn't be no Bulldogs. You know, because when these kids grow up they look at all that stuff and they probably want to do what the Bulldogs do. I mean, they have guns and stuff. When they're shooting they could have killed a little innocent kid."

Officers say they seized four guns and a lot of meth at the home. They also found four young children there.