State Dem. Convention turns family feud


The big state news is that Attorney General Jerry Brown hinted that he may make another run for governor in 2010, but once again, the big story for all Democrats is their presidential candidate will be in November.

It was who's who of California Democratic leaders at the state convention in San Jose this weekend.

From the podium inside the convention center, it's a message of unity and party lines. But outside, the Democratic presidential campaign is turning ugly.

"I'm saying, how could you support her? How could you support her with the lies that she's told just about Bosnia and about her experience? How can you support her? And they say 'how can you support him? We don't trust him'." says Obama supporter Carolyn Crandall.

About a dozen Clinton supporters marched in favor of seating the delegates in Florida and Michigan.

Obama supporters say Clinton should concede defeat for the sake of the party. San Francisco Mayor and national co-chair for Senator Clinton's campaign, Gavin Newsom, calls it a family fight and thinks the process has to play itself out.

"This race is not over. Neither side has the requisite numbers and it doesn't look like either side will at the end of the day," says Newsom.

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris is the co-chair for California for Obama. She wants the race to end soon.

"We know as Democrats, that is is in our party's best interests to as soon as possible make a decision so we can put our collective unified resources into our candidate so we can put our collective unified resources into our candidate to ensure their strength as we go into November."

A Gallop Poll released this week shows Democratic voters are not happy with the other candidate.

28 percent of Clinton supporters say they would vote for Republican John McCain in November if senator Obama was the candidate. 19 percent of Obama supporters would do the same. It's a family fight that may end up with the worst case scenario for Democrats in November.

"I'm voting for McCain," says Clinton supporter Grace Delvillar.

Former talk show host Phil Donohue is speaking Saturday and showing his documentary 'Body of War' and Sunday is the big speaker as former President Bill Clinton will address the Democrats.

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