Fresno Police Officer under Investigation

Fresno Officer Michael Toews was put on paid leave after he was accused of inappropriate conduct. This is the office Michael Toews normally works out of, he's not here and won't be here again until an internal affairs investigation is complete. His behavior off duty with a female he met and cited while at work is under question.

This is the welcome Officer Michael Toews received as he returned from war in 2005 a roadside bomb almost took his life. Toews went back to work on the streets of northwest Fresno last year after making a full recovery. He has been working swing shifts responding to calls for service. Action news has learned the officer is under investigation for inappropriate conduct off duty with a woman that he cited while on duty just a few hours earlier.

Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Chief: "I can't go into detail in terms of what the allegations are or what prompted the investigation other than to say the allegation was brought forward to our department regarding his conduct."

Toews has been a Fresno Police Officer for three years. After his return from Iraq, he spent two years in rehabilitation recovering from a broken jaw, two fractured cheek bones and a broken ankle. When we met Toews at the airport he told us his strong faith played a part in his safe return home.

"I have a strong church, I've had people praying for me everyday. They laid hands on me before I left and god, god brought me home."

It is unclear whether Toews gun and badge were taken, the chief will only say he's been on administrative leave for close to two weeks.

"The allegations brought forth to us were such that we felt was a serious potentially a serious violation of policy and therefore we placed him on paid leave pending the outcome."

The chief says the allegations were brought up on March 20th and on March 21st Toews was put on leave. The internal affairs investigation is expected to wrap up within the next week.

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