Damon Dyer Answered to Drug Charges

Fresno 27-year old Damon Dyer pleaded "not guilty" in a Fresno County Courtroom. The judge did not allow our cameras to show Dyer's face citing "security" reasons.

Clovis police say Dyer was under investigation for more than a month. Investigators say he was selling cocaine and the prescription painkiller "Oxycontin."

Police say they also found cocaine, prescription painkillers and steroids in his bedroom. He remains in the Fresno County Jail. His next hearing is scheduled in two weeks.

Damon Dyer's mother, Diane, is a Fresno Police Officer. She is the sister of Police Chief, Jerry Dyer. Late Tuesday, Chief Dyer released a statement saying quote "I am hopeful that my nephew's arrest and subsequent incarceration will create a desire in him to change his lifestyle and seek god's help and the treatment he needs. This is a very difficult time for my sister and my parents who have suffered much during this ordeal. Unfortunately, bad things Happen to good families. I would also like to thank the Clovis Police Department for the professional manner in which they handled this matter" end quote.

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