Violent Winton Home Invasion

Winton It happened late this Wednesday afternoon on Allysa Drive in Winton. The bullet hole and damage to this truck are signs of just how dangerous this situation really was.

Deputies say it started when two Hispanic men came to the home, armed with handguns, and took three people hostage. Authorities say the robbers tied up the two men and one woman with electrical cords and shoelaces and stole 500 dollars in cash. But as the men were leaving, one of the victim's brothers came home in his blue truck and noticed the armed men leaving the home in a car.

Deputies say the brother tried to block the men with his truck, but one of the suspect's fired a shot that hit the truck's windshield. The two cars then crashed, but the suspects were able to get away. Deputies say no one was injured, but the situation could have easily ended much worse.

Corey Gibson, Merced County Sheriff's Department: "It was pretty bold in this case."

Deputies are still searching for the robbers. They say the car they drove away in is a green or dark gray four door Chrysler. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Merced County Sheriff's Department.

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