Kodak CEO gets a big raise in 2007

Earns nearly $3 million more than year past
4/3/2008 ROCHESTER According to regulatory filings released this week, Antonio Perez had compensation valued at nearly $11.2 million in 2007. That's 50 percent higher than in 2006.

Perez received a base salary of nearly $1.1 million, $3.32 million in performance incentives, plus perks worth $377,865, most of which was use of company aircraft.

He also received stock and options valued at $6.34 million. Of that, roughly $3 million were options currently underwater, meaning Kodak shares would have to rise significantly before Perez could profit from them.

Perez's raise came as the company turned a profit of $676 million last year, compared with a loss of $601 million in 2006.

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