Valley Kids Flock to Farm Day

4/4/2008 Fresno Farm and Nutrition Day spotlights food and fiber production in Fresno County and helps kids make healthier choices.

The kids seemed surprised the cows wouldn't answer.

These bright-eyed third-graders love milk...especially ice cream. And they came face to face with the source.

Riverdale dairyman Donny Rollin told the kids, "all the milk you get normally comes from these girls right here."

Rollin enjoys watching kids' faces light up when they learn something new.

"It's always fun to hear what they have to ask and then kind of give a factual back on what the things really are and that's the whole premise of farm and nutrition day."

Madison elementary school 3rd grader Danielle Hicks says, "I learned about raisins. When you put grapes in the sun they turn like...the sun turns them like purple or green."

Over two-thousand kids took part and no one went home empty-handed.

Janette Yribarren told a group of kids, "We want you to take a seed home and we want you to plant it really soon because by October you will have a plant that looks like this."

The kids didn't realize how much locally-grown cotton plays a part of their everyday lives.

Yribarren told them, "Your jeans have cotton. Those tennis shoes have cotton in them."

"Cottonseed oil is in a lot of french fries, potato chips, donuts."

Some, like Andrew Milton, preferred the more active exhibits like "how to shave sheep and how to rope."

No doubt these city kids were eager to learn about life on the farm.

The interactive event is sponsored by the Fresno County Farm Bureau and Office of Education.

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