Oakland Student Recovers after Bully Attack

4/25/2008 Oakland, CA The father of seven-year-old Zachary Cataldo said his son was attacked more than once at Piedmont Avenue Elementary. The most recent incident sent the boy to the hospital with a fractured skull .

School officials said Cataldo was attacked by an older student on Monday while waiting on the school's playground for a ride home. Cataldo father said his son had his head slammed into a tree.

Officials said they plan a full investigation. "We're acquiring all the facts, sorting through them to determine exactly what happened and as soon as we have further confirmation on the exact progression of events, we'll being moving forward to see what we can do to prevent a recurrence," said Troy Flint with the Oakland Unified School District.

Cataldo's father said his son lost four teeth in an attack last year at the school and three months ago the boy was repeatedly kicked in the stomach.

State records show the school has a history of violence among its students.

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