Valley Veteran Re-instated as Sheriff's Deputy

4/8/2008 Fresno, CA At the Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday morning, April 8, 2008, Hubbard was sworn in again to the Fresno County Sheriff's Department. He was re-instated to the department in front of an appreciative audience that included his fellow deputies.

His life has changed drastically since he first served the department from 2001 to 2005, before his service in the army but his commitment and his own gratitude remain the same.

Hubbard said, "The acceptance of me coming back and what people have done for me has put me in a position of just feeling special and I appreciate it."

The supervisors also had warm words to share with the man whose family has sacrificed so much.

Fresno County Supervisor Bob Waterston said, "I do know what you're feeling and I'm very proud to have you back here again and I know your family is proud of you too."

Supervisor Judy Case added, "We have a huge debt of gratitude to you and your family and we're really happy to have you returning."

The 34-year old former soldier lost two brothers in Iraq. Marine Lance Corporal Jared Hubbard and his best friend Jeremiah Baro were killed when a roadside bomb exploded near them in 2004. Army Specialist Nathan Hubbard followed Jared into service and was killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crash, last year.

As the sole surviving brother, Jason was discharged and came back home to lay one his brothers to rest.

Today, Jason Hubbard continued his family's tradition of service by putting his deputy uniform back on despite the risks of the job and his family's devastating losses.

But he said it's his way of honoring the life he's been taught to live.

Hubbard said, "My family is a very service-oriented family. It goes beyond my brothers me and my father. Generations before us have served in the military or done some kind of public service. And so when I came back from the Army it really wasn't an option for me. This is what I enjoy doing and it was just a matter of time before I started doing that again."

Sheriff Margaret Mims spoke to Jason Hubbard at his brother, Nathan's funeral and told him whenever he was ready he could come back to the department. Jason said it was never a question of if but when he would come back to serve his community.

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