Drowning Death of a Classmate

Fresno, CA Five year old "Kevin Do" died this morning at Children's Hospital after falling in a neighbor's swimming pool. And police say an important safety device was missing from the home where the boy drowned.

The accident happened Monday afternoon at this home off River Vista and Gregory. Kevin Do had been playing with friends when police say the homeowner stepped away to answer the door, and that's when the 5-year old fell in the backyard pool. A neighbor helped pull the child out and gave him CPR.

At Liddell Elementary where Kevin attended kindergarten, grief counselors are helping kids deal with the tragedy.

Chris Williams, Asst. Superintendent: "Kids loved to be around him, full of energy and it's just a great loss to the district and the family."

This is the second death of a central unified student in less than two weeks 15-year old Sophomore Shawn Potter died 12 days ago after being hit by a train.

Chris Williams, Asst. Superintendent: "We treat every one of our students as family, and we want to make sure we are available and will be sending out a newsletter to students as well as providing counseling to our staff and employees."

According to Children's Hospital, Kevin Do is the eleventh Central Valley child to drown or nearly drown so far this year compared to only five in the same time last year.

Mary Jo Quintero, Children's Hospital: "This is a huge number that is very early in the year compared to previous years. What that means is that the weather is getting warmer and we're going to see even more as the months go by."

The hospital offers water safety classes. And recommends that parents be extremely vigilant and install a fence or barrier around the swimming pool that is at least five feet tall. Police say there was no such safety fence at the home where Kevin died.

Fresno police say no charges have been filed against the owners of the home where little Kevin Do drowned. Children's Hospital will offer their first water safety class in two weeks, on April 26th.

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