More American Airlines Flights Cancelled Friday

4/11/2008 Fresno Four Fresno to Dallas flights have been cancelled so far this morning. The problems here are just part of a nationwide nightmare for American Airlines passengers.

Today, American Airlines is canceling 570 flights. This, on top of the 2,500 grounded this week. Passengers will be stuck, again.

The nation's largest carrier completed maintenance checks on 170 of its MD 80's. But Friday Morning, almost half the fleet still needs to be inspected.

At least a dozen flights at San Francisco International Airport were cancelled overnight, and another 20 were grounded in Los Angeles.

The problem; how wiring in the wheel well was installed, something American Airlines was supposed to fix last month. Gerald Arpey, American Airlines CEO said, "in this case, we failed to get it right."

The spotlight on airline safety began after revelations Southwest had flown aircraft that missed inspections. Other carriers found their planes were not in compliance, including American.

The airline is now doing what it can to calm passenger's frayed patience. But serving snacks may not do the trick. "I don't need no snacks, I want to get out of here!" exclaimed one angry passenger.

American Airlines expects more cancelations into the weekend, but this might not be the end. Other airlines face extra safety checks that could ground hundreds more flights.

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