Astronaut & Fresno Native Visits Hoover High

Fresno, CA "I first wanted to tell you how great it is to be home and to be back at Hoover High school it hasn't changed and that's a really good thing."

But a lot has changed in Barbara Morgan's life since she graduated from Hoover High in 1969. She became a teacher and later an astronaut.

"When I was here at Hoover High school, I had no idea that I would be going into space.

Last August, her first mission aboard space shuttle Endeavor.

This morning she shared pictures of her and fellow astronauts taken from the international space station.

Barbara Morgan: "It is a team and it's an international team of thousands and thousands that make this all happen we are just lucky to be able to execute at the very end help execute the mission."

Miranda Shaddox, Hoover High Senior: "The pictures were really cool cause you actually got to see like you were there like you got to see everything in space."

Wednesdays mission at Hoover High to launch the schools new magnet program which focuses on technology, architecture and electronics.

Barbara Morgan: "We really need people who know their math and their science and their engineering and there are only going to get it if they start young and to have a program like this, where they are actually given lots of opportunities."

Wednesday's visit was also a chance for Morgan to take a special trip down memory lane. She remembers Hoover as a diverse campus.

Barbara Morgan: "When we weren't in class working hard we were outside having fun with each other --and lots of opportunities to for all students to join many different kinds of clubs."

Ava Radding, Niece: "It made me really proud that she's got this far for how hard she's worked."

Lauren Radding, Niece: "She inspired me cause I want to be a teacher and I'm still headed that way."

Her brother Brooke says he had an inkling early on that his sister would one day "fly-high", so to speak.

Brooke Radding, Brother: "At times we had bunk beds when I was on the bottom bunk I often launched her to the ceiling so I'd like to think that I was her inspiration to be an astronaut."

And Barbara wanted to remind everyone that Wednesday at 8:53 pm the international space station will fly above Fresno. You'll be able to see it for only a couple of minutes so make sure to look up at 8:53.

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