Jose Padilla Could Face Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

Fresno, CA A final report on the accident said Jose Padilla was speeding and under the influence. Silveria Torres said: "Not a minute goes by that we don't miss her." Cathya Torres' Mother still can't believe her 14-year old daughter is gone. The family is now shaken again by the findings of this Fresno Police report. It said Padilla had small amounts of marijuana and meth in his system. According to the report, an officer who interviewed at Padilla at the scene said Padilla admitted smoking marijuana three to four times a week, and said he used marijuana last night. But no longer felt the affects.

Police also estimated Padilla was going 54 in a 40 mile an hour zone when he hit Torres who was not in a crosswalk. Victm's Aunt Rosa Torres said: "She did not cause it. If he would've been sober, not going over the speed limit she should still be here." But the report stated that even if Padilla wasn't speeding, he still would have hit Torres. It also says Padilla told officers that Cathya Torres came out from between some buses that were parked along Blackstone, she was just a couple feet away, and there wasn't anything he could do. Fresno Police are now recommending the District Attorneys Office charge Padilla with vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence, and driving at an unsafe speed. As for the Torres family, they just want justice.

Victim's Grandmother Aida Arellano said: "You're driving, you can't do drugs, or doing something anything else, because just a minute, it just takes just one minute, look what happened." Silveria Torres said: "If they have the proof they needed to go ahead and do it, because no matter what they do to him it's not going to bring my baby back." Jose Padilla said on the phone was not aware yet of any possible criminal charges that he's facing. The District Attorney's office says it now plans to review the recommended charges. All of them are misdemeanor.

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