Hanford Airman Killed in Iraq

Capra was from New York but lived in the Central Valley for a short time. About 10 years ago he stayed with his uncle, Douglass, in Hanford while he trained for the United States Air Force. Douglass Capra describes his nephew as a family man. He was the oldest of 12 children. His uncle says Capra and his wife both came from air force families. Capra's father was in the air force and several of his siblings are in the military. His uncle says this was supposed to be his last tour in Iraq.

Family members say he spoke to his wife over the internet yesterday morning, six hours before he died.

Capra's uncle says Anthony's brother, who is serving in the U.S. Air Force in Germany, and his brother-in-law who is serving in Iraq, are supposed to be on the plane bringing him home.

His family says Anthony Capra will be laid to rest at the Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C., which is where he requested he be buried if he were to die in combat.

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