Madera Tuberculosis Results

Second Tuberculosis Case Suspected at Madera South High School
Madera, CA Classes are continuing as normal at Madera South High School despite the fact that some students have received abnormal tuberculosis test results.

Jake Bragonier/Madera Unified spokesperson: "At this point there's no reason to believe that these students pose any threat or danger to any other students."

Madera Unified Public Information Officer Jake Bragonier says about 100 students and teachers were tested for TB on Tuesday after a student they had been in close contact with was found to be infected with the illness last week.

Bragonier: "The reading of those tests began today. There were some students, and i don't know how many, but there were some who's tests came back with some abnormalities."

But Bragonier says that does not mean the students actually have tuberculosis ... a disease that attacks the lungs and is spread through the air.

Bragonier: "There are a lot of steps in between an abnormal TB test and actually testing positive for full-blown tuberculosis."

But some parents are concerned about keeping the students in class if there's even a small chance they may have TB.

Cathy Armentrout/Madera South High parent: "Oh yeah, I'd be definitely concerned, yeah with my child being here."

But Bragonier says the experts at the Madera County Health Department have said there's no reason to remove the students from class at this point. And that's enough to keep other parents from worrying.

Emily Ann Simmons/Madera South High parent: "The kids are their main concern, so if there was an issue where they needed to pull these kids then they would have done something. I'm confident in the school district."

The symptoms of tuberculosis include a persistent cough, weight loss, and night sweats. But it can be treated with antibiotics. The school district says the county health department will conduct follow-up tests on the students who had abnormal results. And anyone who is found to have TB will be sent home from school.

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