Police Target SE Fresno Apartments

4/11/2008 Fresno, CA The shooting happened Wednesday at the Redwood Canyon Apartments, just one apartment complex located in the area near Huntington and Clovis. Thursday night, police visited several apartment buildings to look for anyone who may be causing trouble. Police said they also wanted to reassure neighbors they're working to stop the violence that has plagued the area. "For those that are coming home and those that were exposed to the violence last night, it should be a much more comfortable night," said Sgt. Steve Crawford with the Fresno Police Department.

Police arrested three people in connection with Wednesday night's gang-related shooting, including 19 year old Marquell Picket and 20 year old Laray Jones. They said Thursday's operation was a direct response to the incident. "We've tried to take a proactive approach. Unfortunately there was a triple shooting last night and so we're just not going to sit back on our heels and let this go," said Crawford.

About 25 officers saturated the area Thursday night. They went door to door at the apartment buildings looking for people who have violated their parole or probation and used traffic stops to talk with people living in the area. Still, they said Thursday's operation was anything but random. "We know who we want to talk to and where they live and what's been going on," said Crawford.

This was 10th operation police conducted in Southeast Fresno this year.

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