Warmer Weather Better Business

Fresno, CA Lindy's Landing campground is located right along the Kings River in Tulare County. During the winter months, this area's relatively quiet. Christine Henderson and her brother Dylan said they enjoy spending time down by the river.

"It's beautiful." Dylan followed his sister with a smile and declared, "There's clean air [here]." Christine echoed her brother's feelings. "Clean air."

But now with temperatures forecasted to hover around the 90's, this campground is coming alive. Workers inflated moonwalks and water slides. Lindy's Landing owner Vito Chaimienti said he's preparing for plenty of people looking for a weekend getaway.

"Everything is blooming. You know the trees are blooming, the flowers blooming. You see them. This is the perfect time to enjoy for the family," said Chaimienti.

But Vito Chaimienti warned the water in the Kings might be a little too cold to go swimming in right now. He said he's hoping all the action this weekend will take place right up on the shore.

Temperatures are not expected to rise into triple digits, but as more people turn on their air conditioning for the first time technicians expect to get more service calls.

Ron Stenson said now is a good time to make sure your air conditioner is working properly, before the first real heat wave of the summer.

"The best analogy to a homeowner is think of the radiator in your car. If you let it get real dirty it overheats. And other things go wrong. It's the same thing with your air conditioner," said Stenson.

A Pacific Gas and Electric official told Action News they don't expect any service interruptions during this weekend because of the warmer temperatures.

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