Fix your Spine, Lower your Blood Pressure

5/2/2008 CHICAGO (Ivanhoe Newswire) Chiropractor Marshall Dickholtz, Sr., DC, has been fixing spines for 50 years.

"Helping sick people is the most wonderful thing you possibly can do in life. I've dedicated my life to it," Dr. Dickholtz says.

He works solely on the vital top bone of the spine at the base of the brain, called the atlas.

"Think about it. If your neck is not balancing your head, it's like blowing a fuse. Your wonderful brain does not control your body as well," Dr. Dickholtz says.

He says a misaligned atlas will raise blood pressure.

"When you have a pinched brain stem, it closes out your arteries. If the arteries close down, the blood pressure has to be higher to go through those arteries," Dr. Dickholtz says.

A machine checks alignment. After taking detailed X-rays and precise measurements, he demonstrates how he does the adjustment. You can see the difference.

A study by University of Chicago doctors shows the treatment lowers blood pressure by 17 points. After her alignment, 80-year-old Maribeth Zickert is now off the blood pressure drugs she's taken for more than five years.

"At my age, to be on no medication is almost a miracle I think," Zickert says.

Denise Niemann had high blood pressure, too. Before her adjustment, her pressure was 144 over 98.

"After one treatment, my blood pressure was 115 over 76," Niemann says.

"Our high blood pressure research, there were, the average age was 53 and they had 40 years of damage in their spine that could have been taken care of years before and maybe never had high blood pressure," Dr. Dickholtz says.

To get the same effect, doctors say you'd have to take two blood pressure drugs. The study was published in the Journal of Human Hypertension. Dr. Dickholtz says most people do have an atlas that is out of alignment. It usually does not cause pain, so it often goes undetected and untreated.


Dr. Marshall Dickholtz

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