Ohio troopers disciplined for Klan photo

Man has been suspended without pay
4/13/2008 SANDUSKY, Ohio It happened on the eve of Martin Luther King Day and Trooper Craig Franklin was on duty at the time.

Franklin is a 12-year veteran of the force. He's pictured in a January 20th photo with a white cone on his head, a white paper mask and a white cloth covering his shoulders. He's otherwise dressed in the official trooper uniform.

The Ohio Highway Patrol launched an investigation after getting an anonymous letter with two photographs of Franklin wearing the outfit. He and another trooper told investigators that the picture was a joke modeled on a television skit by black comedian Dave Chappelle.

Franklin was suspended for five days and the other trooper was demoted and transferred to another post.

None of the troopers assigned to Franklin's Sandusky post is black.

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