Accused Killer In Fresno Co. Jail

4/13/2008 Fresno, CA Wilson has been hiding out since mid-February, but deputies finally caught him Saturday night. Deputies captured Wilson around 11:30 Saturday night several miles deep inside the foothills on rugged terrain.

Now he's locked up inside the county jail house facing carjacking and murder charges.

Fresno county deputies and SWAT rushed to the Auberry substation Saturday evening. Their mission was to enter the foothills and capture suspected murderer 29-year old Wilson. But SWAT was on Wilson's home turf. The foothills are covered with heavy brush, steep drop offs and jagged rocks. Deputy Chris Curtice says hunting down Wilson was a tactical nightmare.

"When they thought they might be close to the suspect there was actually a cliff or a wall separating them," says Deputy Curtice.

Curtice says Wilson was dodging tactical teams like this since Friday evening. But 24 hours later with the aid of a helicopter and night vision, SWAT was able to move in and arrest Wilson.

"It got to a point where they instructed him to do certain things. Move to an opening, get to a better position where SWAT can take him into custody and he did. He abided by all the commands," says Deputy Curtice.

Wilson's wanted for the February 19th murder of Julian Barajas which occurred in these foothills.

Investigators believe Barajas was lured into the area with Wilson promising to buy his Chevy Blazer. Barajas was shot and killed and his SUV was stolen.

Deputy Curtice says the stolen Blazer was just found near the campsite where Wilson was hiding.

Also near the campsite investigators found Wilson's girlfriend Irene Alaniz and her 16-month old son. Deputies spent a majority of Saturday trying to understand her role in all of this. "At one point we thought she might be held against her will. We're still trying to figure that out," says Deputy Curtice.

Alaniz has been arrested and locked up in Fresno County jail for child endangerment. Her son is being cared for by child protective services.

Investigators said Alaniz and her son were found in good condition at the campsite which had a tent and food. And when Wilson was arrested a rifle was found.

Currently a search effort is underway to recover any other evidence that could still be up in that area.

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