Brittany Navarra's Hearing Continues

Madera, CA Investigators say Dustin Gran was convinced by Brittany Navarra to murder 18 year old Krista Pike because Navarra saw her as a romantic rival.

Dustin Gran's attorney asked that his hearing be delayed until August. But Navarra's hearing started Monday afternoon with prosecutors reading a transcript of text messages they say prove the 16 year old plotted to murder Krista Pike.

One of the messages they read in court said, quote, "go ahead, just kill her."

Prosecutors also told the judge a pair of Dustin Gran's Jeans had blood and DNA evidence that link them to Krista Pike. And a forensic specialist told the judge Krista had several deep cuts and abrasions on her body that may have come from being struck with a dumbbell. Some of Krista's family members cried during the hearing, but her mother said the hardest part was watching Krista's fiancé, Thomas Hollier, break down in tears when he was asked to remember the day she was killed.

Stacie Pike: "To be honest with you, that's the part that broke me hearing about what he went through. Because I know Krista's OK, but Thomas has a long way to go."

Navarra's hearing will continue Tuesday. Dustin Gran made only a short appearance in court, but his preliminary hearing is set for August fourth. During cross examination, Navarra's attorney asked questions implying another acquaintance of Thomas Hollier may have been at the home the day of Krista's murder.

He'll have a chance to call his own witnesses before the judge decides if there is enough evidence to try Navarra for murder.

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