Clovis Unified Receives Career Training Grant

4/14/2008 Clovis, CA The Clovis Unified School District is receiving $9.2 million dollars from proposition 1D, a $10-billion dollar bond measure approved by voters in 2006. It's one of the highest awards made by the state to a school district. The money, which the district will have to match, will all go to the district's Career Technical Education Program.

Reassembling brake shoes is Kaelyn Grigorieff's idea of fun. The Clovis West senior rebuilt a car with her father and grandfather and one day hopes to own her own auto shop. "I figured, since I enjoyed it, might as well do that for a career, cause you want to like your job."

Thanks to Proposition 1D, Kaelyn will be well-prepared for that job.

The school will soon be updating its automotive class with the very latest technology and equipment in the industry. "When kids think of automotive, they may be thinking of a mechanic but this will expand their knowledge about what other opportunity are available and then how to get there," said Johnny Alvarado with Clovis West.

Students will gain the skills they'll need for college, or a career straight out of high school. "You can provide kids with wonderful opportunities outside of a traditional classroom structure that still align with the state standards in some cases meets U.C. requirements; so it gives kids options," said Kelly Avants with Clovis Unified.

Proposition 1D will help five Clovis Unified high schools offer students specialized training in different fields:

  • Buchanan will receive $5.3 million to build a new energy program.
  • Clovis East will get $6 million for its agriculture program.
  • Clovis High was awarded almost $5.4 million for a new building and construction program.
  • Clovis North gets $1.8 million for health sciences
  • Clovis West $1.06 million for transportation.
  • Automotive teacher Bob Gatzman is excited about the upcoming improvements. "I've been here since the school opened and we've never had an infusion of funds in technical education. And we've never been updated to the extent that we will have happen now that these funds are coming in."

    Chris Dobney is just glad to know when he graduates his skills will be in high demand. "It's a great field and there's a great need for technicians right now."

    The matching funds will come from the district's building funds. The district plans to begin implementing the programs by next school year.

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