Jason Hubbard to Testify before Congress

4/15/2008 Fresno, CA Jason Hubbard is on a 6:50 a.m. flight to talk to congress about the problems he faced with the Army when he left.

This is not how you'd expect the Hubbard family to be treated after all their sacrifice.

Army Specialist Jason Hubbard lost his two brothers, Lance Corporal Jared Hubbard and Army Specialist Nathan Hubbard, in Iraq. As the last of three brothers, Jason was discharged from the military under the sole survivor policy. But the army tried to force Jason to repay his enlistment bonus, cut him off of transitional healthcare and denied him access to G.I. educational benefits.

Congressman Devin Nunes will introduce the "Hubbard Act," which would ensure a number of benefits for sole survivors that are already offered to other soldiers honorably separating from military service.

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