Robert Medina Will Face Murder Charges

Hanford, CA Tuesday's testimony proved emotional for the victim's daughter. After an emotional day in court, Samantha Harig received some much needed support from her friend and a community police officer outside a Kings County courtroom. Harig had just spent time in the courtroom across from 18-year old Robert Medina, the man accused of stabbing her father, Bill Harig, to death last December in Lemoore. Samantha Harig says, "This was my first time seeing him. It was really hard for me and that's why I had to keep leaving the courtroom."

Investigators say Medina randomly attacked Harig while he walked his dog. Four months after his death, Harig's family is still struggling to cope. Samantha Harig says "We're holding up. It's kind of hard. I'm here by myself because my sister couldn't handle it."

On Tuesday, a judge decided there is enough evidence to put Robert Medina on trial for Harig's death. During Tuesday's hearing, Investigators testified that a bloody knife was found in a dumpster near where Bill Harig was killed. They also testified that Robert Medina confessed to his girlfriend and police that he killed someone. Medina's attorney says he's not mentally capable to make a confession.

Medina's mother, Rachel, believes her son has serious mental issues. Defense attorneys say she tried to get him help from the Mental Health Department and police after her son was arrested for being on drugs two weeks before the murder.

Medina's attorney, Michelle Winspur, says "His mother called them out there two times to have him rearrested. She basically said, 'Does he have to harm himself or harm someone else to get protection?' And that's what happened."

A doctor already determined Medina was mentally capable to stand trial. Winspur says her client will plead "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" at his arraignment at the end of the month.

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