Brittany Navarra Will Go To Trial

4/16/2008 Madera, CA A judge ruled there is enough evidence to send 16-year-old Brittany Navarra to trial. Navarra and 19-year-old Dustin Gran are accused of killing Krista Pike on January 14th.

A Madera Police Officer testified one of Navarra's friends said Navarra asked Gran to kill Krista as a Christmas present to her. Krista's fiance used to date Navarra.

Another detective read an apology letter he claims Navarra wrote shortly after Krista's murder. One portion of the note read, "Krista was a young beautiful girl, I'm very sorry I caused you to lose her. It started the day Tom left me. I became hurt and confused. I became to hate Krista more and more," the note went on to say, "You may not believe me, but I would give up my life to bring back hers. I so sorry, I never realized this would ever happen til it did."

Krista Pike's mother Stacie Pike said, "It makes me even more angry. I feel like she was just trying to make herself look better. She was trying to protect herself."

Brittany Navarra is scheduled to be back in court on April 25th. A hearing to decide if Dustin Gran will go to trial is set for August.

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