Parents and Students React to Roosevelt Shooting

4/16/2008 Fresno, CA News of an officer involved shooting at Roosevelt high sent a shockwave through the campus. Parents rushed to the school. Many were concerned for the safety of their son or daughter. Some were able to reach their child by cell phone

One dad said to his kid on the phone: "I want you to come outside. I want to take you home."

One mother said: "Right at the light. I'm right at the light I waiting for you…"

Once students were released from lock down they described what they heard and saw. "I just heard a shot and after I heard the shot I saw a bunch of people gather around," said Carlos Alverez.

Tony Clayborne said, "It was shocking because I never saw a dead body before."

"I was telling the kids to go back go back get to your classroom." Teacher's assistant Adela Harro witnessed the attack and said she saw Officer Perry defend himself from 17-year old Jesse Carrizales. "There was a gun on a floor. And the guy tried to shoot the officer and the officer shoot this guy first."

"I could tell Officer Perry was hurt because a teacher was holding a cloth to his head." Emma Fryer was one of the students who walked up after the shooting. "A student just died. We didn't know what was going on. It was really scary," she said.

Some students said they knew Carrizales.

Joanna Gonzales said, "I seen him today and when I found out it was him I just couldn't believe…"

Katie Hufford said, "I knew a few people who knew him and they pretty much left already because they were pretty upset."

And parents said they were upset too.

"I trust the school to keep him safe, but someone shot a kid inside?" said Hector Gontreros.

"Somebody lost a baby. No matter what the circumstances, somebody lost a baby," said one mother.

Grief counselors will be available to students on Thursday. Some kids told Action News they don't want to return after this shooting and a couple parents said they want to pull their kids out of school.

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