Carrizales Family Vigil

4/17/2008 Fresno, CA The Carrizales family didn't want to be interviewed Thursday night but said they're having a difficult time too understanding why their brother was taken from them so soon.

One day has passed since the Carrizales family learned of their brother's death. Police investigators say Jesse Carrizales was killed after attacking Officer Junus Perry Wednesday before noon. Detectives are calling the death suicide by cop.

Carlos Nuno said he's having trouble understanding why his best friend would do such a thing. "He's always going to be in our thoughts and we'll never forget about him. He's always gonna be with us no matter what."

Nuno spent much of his energy Thursday at Roosevelt setting up a memorial. Posters hang on Officer Perry's office where Carrizales was killed. Newspaper clippings about the shooting are there along with poems written by students. On the ground chalk takes up much of the sidewalk memorializing the 17-year old sophomore.

Nuno said: "It was important to me because he was my friend and i loved him like a brother. And because he is like a brother to me."

Many of the students who returned to class expressed concern over the shooting.

Jessica Zavala said: "It's really awkward having to come back the next day having what happened yesterday affect your life a little."

Brasa Gomez said: "It was good before you know, but right now it's scary."

Nuno said it's even harder for the family but wants everyone to know that his life long friend was truly a good person inside. "They should just remember him as the person he was. And that's just being a cool person. A calm person a quiet person that he is…" said Nuno.

Family will have a viewing open to the public Monday April 21 from 6-9pm at the Wild Rose Chapel on Divisadero and Fulton. Also, Nuno helped raise $480 Thursday at Roosevelt to help pay for funeral expenses.

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