Airline Bankruptcy Has Fresno Students Cooking

Fresno, CA With lots of hard work and the community's help they hope to still be able to take the senior trip they've been planning for since they were freshman.

There's always more than one cook in this kitchen and thankfully so. There are hundreds of corndogs to be made and these students have become pros.

Jilian Yoshida, Student: "In the beginning we did mess up a couple of times and waste some of them but after a couple of weeks you get the hang of it."

Every Friday the senior class at Fresno Adventist Academy sells corndogs to raise money for their graduation trip to Hawaii, a trip that may never happen.

Cathie Jones, Teacher: "My heart just sank because I knew I was going to have to tell the kids and the parents."

The news she dreaded to share was that the students' hard-earned money, 75-hundred dollars they had paid "ATA" Airlines as a deposit for tickets was lost when the company filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago.

Jillian Yoshida: "We earned all this money and now it's gone a lot of us were upset and sad and stuff."

Tony Contreras, Student: "I wanted to go so bad because I haven't been out of California in like forever, I want to get my tan and something."

The students have not given up hope especially after a couple of businesses and their teachers came forward to help.

Jillian Yoshida: "People have been very gracious, giving us donations, helping us out a lot."

They've raised 15-hundred dollars but need about 15-thousand to pay for tickets and lodging yet, the kids are optimistic.

Tony Contreras: "We're feeling good we think we can make that goal, hopefully."

Cathie Jones, Teacher: "We've got a lot of irons in the fire every weekend until we go on our trip in May but the kids are willing to roll up their sleeves they want to go."

The students are holding a talent show this weekend to raise money. On Sunday May 4th they are inviting everyone out to a Cinco De Mayo Festival at the school from 11:00 to 5pm.

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