Valley War Veteran Fights For Soldiers Rights

4/19/2008 Fresno, CA He went to Washington D.C. this week to speak in support of legislation known as "The Hubbard Act." And tells us, he's glad to help others in the same situation. "The experience I had in Washington was one that I will never forget." He said.

Former Army Specialist Jason Hubbard won the support of his local congressional delegation to try and overturn some bizarre World War Two era rules that cut benefits to soldiers who are discharged early because their siblings are killed in combat.

Hubbard says, "It's a little bit surprising to me and many people these issue haven't been fixed after these many years and that's what we're trying to do."

He tells us that without his families help, with a baby on the way, the loss of health insurance and other benefits could have been devastating. "I could have been somebody who got out with no job, no medical insurance a family and no way to provide for them. It could have been difficult," says Hubbard.

Thanks to the assistance of Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, Democratic Congressman Jim Costa, and Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, the Hubbard Act has a good chance of becoming law.

Costa tells Action News, "This legislation has overwhelming bi-partisan support, Congressman Devin Nunes and myself have gotten over 240 House authors, I think we're gonna be able to expedite this in the Senate and the House."

Most of Jason's benefits were restored thanks to separate actions by Congressman Nunes.

Jason is now back to work as a Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy, a job he left three years ago to join the Army with his younger brother Nate. Both enlisted after Brother Jared, a Marine, was killed in action.

Jason's goal in supporting the legislation is to help others. So far, there are 51 former military personnel discharged under the sole survivor act, who've lost benefits.

Hubbard says," I am completely humbled and honored that this bill is in my name, and it's important and it does make me feel good this one positive in our situation that we've dealt with to affect some change that will affect others in a positive way."

Jason was happy to get back from Washington in time for his son's third birthday. He missed his first birthday while in boot camp, and his second while serving in Iraq.

Jason and his wife are expecting a second child in May.

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