Mayor Autry's Big Announcement

Fresno, CA The mayor didn't want to go on camera but he told me he is devastated about last Wednesday's campus shooting at Roosevelt High. Officer Junus Perry says 17 year old Jesse Carrizales knocked him to the ground with a baseball bat and was about to attack him again. Perry said he had no choice but to shoot Jesse who died on the scene.

Autry says he never wants to hear about another tragedy like that and plans to make a big announcement on Tuesday. He said it has to do with the issue of mental health and how it's never really been addressed head-on by society. Except when the outcomes are deadly and heartbreaking, like Columbine and the Virginia Tech shooting.

Mayor Autry promised to bring the issue out of the shadows. He said his announcement will impact every city in America. At Roosevelt High on Monday, school life is slowly getting back to normal. The extra security is gone as are the additional counselors. But some students still don't feel the sense of security they had before the deadly shooting. Senior Wendy Dominguez said, "I'm really unsure about it because I used to think school was safe but now I'm questioning it."

Francisco Echeverria is the grandfather of a Roosevelt High student. He believes the focus should be taken off the school and police and placed on the student's family. "It's very sad for anyone's child to die like this but at the same time if the child was on medication the family should have been more on top of it, I would say."

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