Abdulla Jurors Focus on Sanity Issue

4/22/2008 Fresno, CA Jurors in the Ramadan Abdullah trial are focusing-in on whether the accused killer of a deputy was sane at the time of the shooting. The jury asked to rehear key testimony that provides a very different picture of Ramadan Abdullah.

Jurors asked to hear testimony from a defense expert witness Doctor Charles Scott. Scott took the stand nearly two weeks ago saying Abdullah suffered from schizophrenia the day Abdullah shot and killed deputy Eric Telen.

The defense admits the crime, but claim Abdullah was insane at the time.

Jurors also asked to hear testimony from the prosecution's expert witness Doctor Kris Mohandie. He disagreed with Doctor Scott saying Abdullah suffered from an early form of Pscophrenia the day of the shooting. Mohandie also said Abdullah had bouts of clarity and knew what he was doing when the crime happened.

Jurors returned to deliberations.

Since the defense admits the crime, jurors will most likely choose between first degree murder or second degree murder. If jurors decide on first degree murder plus special circumstances, then Abdullah would be eligible for the death penalty.

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