Carrizales Family Seeks Answers

4/22/2008 Fresno, CA A campus police officer shot and killed Jesse Carrizales last week after police say Carrizales attacked the officer with a bat.

Family members tell Action News they plan to discuss their feelings and the series of events that ultimately ended in a life lost. They have a list of questions they hope chief dyer can answer. A family spokesman tells action news right now Carrizales' family is tabling their frustration with police to mourn the 17-year-old's death. "Knowing that the funeral is tomorrow, it's very difficult for the family but they know that they are just going to let him rest in peace and move on with their lives and get this situation taken care of," said Guadalupe Gutierrez.

Monday morning Mayor Alan Autry held an emergency meeting attended by the police chief, acting Fresno Unified superintendent, and city leaders.

A press conference Tuesday is expected to address mental health issues as it relates to students and what services are available or needed for students dealing with any crisis. Autry is also expected to announce a partnership between the City of Fresno, Fresno Unified and Fresno Police to clarify everyone's role in keeping school's as safe as possible.

Jesse's family members say they hope new policies are put in place that ensure that everyone will be coming home from school safe at the end of the day. "We're hoping that this doesn't ever happen again and this shouldn't have even happened this time. But, again- many times unfortunately something has to happen in order for there to be change on any policy or anything that's done. But, I think we're at a point now where we're going to sit down and talk and the family is waiting for answers," said Gutierrez speaking on behalf of the family.

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